Distance Sensors
Micro-Vu Multisensor Measuring Systems are equipped and ready to incorporate laser triangulation sensors. Specular and diffuse mode configurations are available. The distance sensor collects data as it moves between two programmed XYZ locations, ideal for surface flatness and Z distance measurements.
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Distance Sensors
LSM4-10 has a comfortable working distance and measurement range, which makes this sensor suitable for measurements on a variety of parts.
LSM4-2 is for higher accuracy measurements, works in diffuse and specular mode, and has a small spot diameter which benefits small feature measurements.
The VAS-500 provides significant resolution over a smaller range compared to the LSM4.
The small spot size is ideal for measuring surfaces such as glass, polished metal, ceramic, and coatings.
Specifications LSM4-10LSM4-2VAS-500
ModesDiffuse, SpecularDiffuse, Specular-
Range (mm)1020.5
Working Distance (mm)352512.7
Spot Size (µm)32 x 45Ø 23Ø 5
Resolution* (µm)
*Resolution depends on the material surface.
Spot Size at mid of measuring range.
VAS-500 is not available on Excel models with a z-axis larger than 160mm.
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