Touch Probe Kits
Vertex & Excel Support
Integrate vision and touch probe measurements with the Vertex and Excel machine models. Touch probe measurements include an automatic approach vectoring and solution iteration.
Easy Installation
The touch probe kit includes a multi-port probe rack designed to kinematically mount to the machine. InSpec software provides an intuitive probe assembly interface, automated probe calibrations, and probe docking.
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Product Overview Document
  • Excel Compatibility
  • Vertex Compatibility
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Excel Details
Touch Probe KitExcel 511, 701Excel 512, 702, 704Included Probe ModuleTriggering Force XYTriggering Force ZRack Size
TP20-4doneSTD, MED0.1, 0.1N0.75N, 1.9N4 Port (110 mm)
TP20-6doneSTD, MED0.1, 0.1N0.75N, 1.9N6 Port (110 mm)
TP20-4+doneMED, EXT0.1, 0.1N1.9N, 3.2N4 Port (170 mm)
TP20-6+doneMED, EXT0.1, 0.1N1.9N, 3.2N6 Port (170 mm)
TP200-4doneSTD0.02N0.07N4 Port (110 mm)
TP200-6doneSTD0.02N0.07N6 Port (110 mm)
TP200-4+doneSTD0.02N0.07N4 Port (170 mm)
TP200-6+doneSTD0.02N0.07N6 Port (170 mm)
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