Backed by over a decade of development, InSpec includes advanced illumination calibration, on-screen stage controls, and centrally located icons to improve workflow productivity. InSpec Metrology Software drives the advanced staging, electronics, imaging, and lighting resulting in high accuracy measurement systems.
InSpec makes it easy to measure parts, check geometric tolerances, collect measurement data, and generate reports.
InSpec has advanced focus and edge detection algorithms that provide superior performance with sub-pixel accuracy and repeatability.
Maximize productivity and minimize operator training with InSpec Metrology Software. The concise screen layout presents the part program, measurement data, the video image, and a schematic on a single screen. Spend more time measuring parts and less time navigating software.
Free Software updates, no maintenance fee.

  • Compatability between measurement systems
  • Automated measurement program execution
  • Centrally located icons for maximum worklfow productivity
  • Full Advanced Illumination control
  • Large measurement display for ease in quality control workflow
  • Full Video and machine control
  • Set points and trajectories for fast precision measurements
  • DXF import and export