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About Micro-Vu
Micro-Vu designs automated 3D dimension measuring machines. These machines use 3D software, image processing, precision machines and motion control, lasers, tactile probes and 3D sensors to measure mechanical dimensions on various parts to accuracies of a micron.
Micro-Vu manufactures these machines in a highly-automated factory at its campus in Northern California. Customers purchase Micro-Vu machines to measure their parts for quality control and assurance. Cell phone manufacturers, medical device and aerospace companies, and many smaller industries use Micro-Vu machines in their facilities around the world.
Micro-Vu is located in Windsor, California near the Russian River. Micro-Vu was established in 1959, and has become a leader in automated 3D industrial measurement. Engineers must be highly-motivated, capable and passionate about bringing the best possible products and technologies to the market.
Micro-Vu is a non-smoking campus.
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